2019 Christmas Letter

We hope this Christmas letter finds you happy and healthy!

We have had another busy year, full of travel and time with family. Throughout the year we visited Texas, Santa Barbra, Kauai, Florida, Canada, and Seattle. Traveling is still one of our favorite things to do as a couple/family. We love to explore new places.

Also, we are very excited to announce that we will be adding to our family. Baby Feuchtenberger #3 is due in June!

Brenton is still working at Farm Bureau. He has a great team and enjoys what he does. He has also begun working more in the outdoors with a company called Land & Legacy, where he is able to combine his passions for land management, hunting and ministry. Brenton is also on the board for FCA here in Northwest Iowa. 

I (Sarah) am home with the kids most days, but find time to be involved in women's ministry and worship at our church. In April I ran my second half marathon on a freezing cold day, which was another big accomplishment.

Isaiah turned 4 at the beginning of 2019 and started his second year of preschool this fall. He loves school and making new friends. He is into trucks and tractors, building things, and has recently found a love for legos. Isaiah loves being outside and getting his hands dirty. He is also in Cubbies again this year (which is the preschool class for Awanas).

Norah turned 3 in November and she is all about Frozen. Norah also loves to dress up and dance like a ballerina, so I'm sure it wont be long until she is in dance classes. She keeps us on our toes with her spunk, but I know she is going to be incredibly helpful when baby #3 arrives.


We pray you have a safe and joyful holiday season!


Kaua'i, Hawaii | 2019

We recently traveled to Kaua'i with the company Brenton works for. This was the incentive trip this year (aka if they produce well enough throughout the year then they are rewarded with these trips. Yay Brenton!)

We dropped the kiddos with my mom and flew out of Minneapolis on a Thursday afternoon. With the time change, we got to Kaua'i around 8 pm. We picked up our rental jeep and headed to our first hotel. Because it is such a long flight, we decided to extend our stay a few nights and arrive early. We stayed at a different hotel the first few nights on the east side of the island, close to the airport. It was a perfect little hotel. Exactly what we needed. We were hardly there anyways because we love to explore.

We basically hung out on the beach and by the pool the first day to try to recover from the travel day. We found some good local food and some shaved ice! This is a must if you are in Hawaii. We did this when we went to Maui too.

Because we were there over a weekend, we decided to find a church and attend a service on Sunday. We did just a little bit of research online and found one that was really close to the hotel we would be staying at next. So on our way to the second hotel, we stop for some worship! We attended church at Kauai Christian Fellowship. Everyone was very welcoming and it was fun to attend church on the island. We have definitely enjoyed making this a part of our travel experience! If we are somewhere on a Sunday, we will find a local church. (A girl from the church wrote a musical called His Story that's pretty cool. Check it out here!)

After church we went and got checked in at the second hotel. This is where we met up with the rest of the company. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Kaua'i, and this place was huge!

We had quite a bit of rain one day so we decided to get in the jeep and drive around. We headed to the Waimea Canyon State Park. This is nicknamed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. The drive reminded me a lot of the road to Hana on Maui. A lot of tight turns and cliffs. It was pretty incredible and definitely something worth doing if you are ever on Kaua'i.

The Grand Hyatt is on the south side of the island so on another day we decided to drive all the way to the north shore. This was absolutely my favorite day. The views we took in were absolutely breathtaking. The panoramic shot above was our favorite and I think the most beautiful thing either one of us had ever seen. Hanalei Bay is the beach in the bottom right of the picture. We drove down there and soaked up the sun for the day.

A lot of movies have been filmed on Kaua'i (including the Jurassic Park movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, Just Go With It, George of the Jungle, and a whole bunch more). Driving to the north shore is when we got to see the jungle side of Kaua'i. I think I would recommend staying on the north side. It might be more expensive because it definitely seemed like it was the most well-kept part of the island, but it was so beautiful!

Another thing we did while we were there was take surf lessons! We did this through Kauai Surf School, and we loved it! Brenton and I each caught about a dozen waves. I give major credit to people who surf! I had zero control over my board so I seriously admire people who do. Our instructor stood in waist high water and would push us into a wave. It is very different than they portray it in movies. "Pop up" is what I remember hearing in a movie. Move fast. But that is the opposite of what we were taught that day. The slower you move the better, plant your feet firmly, and keep your eyes up. We will totally (said with a surfer accent) be surfing again!

At our fair-well dinner with the company we had a private concert with the Beach Boys. During dinner, one of the Beach Boys (I can't remember which one... oops) came around and was greeting people. I had no clue who he was. I just thought he was someone from the company, until everyone started pulling out their phones to take pictures of him. Then I realized, "oh, this is probably someone I should know." So I guess I have met a Beach Boy..?

It was a beautiful vacation. We absolutely loved Kaua'i and without a doubt will be going back someday.

- Rent a car.
- Don't bother staying in a fancy hotel (unless you love pools, you wont be spending much time at your hotel anyways). Maybe Airbnb or VRBO??
- Visit the north shore.
- Surf (biased opinion).
- Ask locals about food or do your research to find the best places to eat that are off the beaten path
- Use lots of sunscreen (that Hawaii sun is HOT).
- Bring junky shoes that you can hike to waterfalls in. We didn't bring the right stuff to do this and it was something we missed out on. Most of the treks are muddy, but pretty decent hikes.
- Visit the Na Pali Coast. We didn't have time to do this and the only way you can see it is by helicopter or boat. A lot of people we were with did the helicopter tour and said it was the coolest thing they had ever done. It is definitely on our list for next time!



2018 Christmas Letter

And just like that we meet the end of another year!

We had a great year with lots of firsts and new experiences.

Isaiah turned 3 in February (so he will be 4 here shortly!!) and got to start preschool this Fall. He goes half days, 2 times a week, and absolutely loves it! He is all about trucks, robots, and the outdoors. Any chance he got this year, regardless of the season, he would ask to be outside. He has also started shooting bow and arrow with Brenton and seems to love it.

Norah turned 2 in November. She loves her baby dolls and her princesses. Norah also absolutely loves to read. She will go sit down by herself with a book and pretend to read it to herself. She sings and dances all the time, and when we get in the car she always requests her favorite songs.

We got to do a lot of traveling this year again. In January, Brenton and I attended a wedding in Mexico. In April, the 2 of us also went to London & Scotland for the very first time. This was a bucket list trip for both of us, so we were very excited about that opportunity. The whole family went to Branson this summer for a family reunion. That week was filled with swimming and laughter.

We attempted a garden on our property this year with some friends. We went all out and put an obnoxious amount of vegetables in the ground. We ended up having way more than we knew what to do with, but it was a fun experience to do with friends!

Brenton spent time this year farthing his education in land & wildlife management. He also harvest 2 nice bucks this hunting season. He still works at Farm Bureau and enjoys it.

I have taken on a new leadership role in women's ministry at our church. This has challenged me, but I have grown a lot from it. I have also joined the worship team, which I have loved!

We hope this letter finds you well and that you have a merry and blessed Christmas!

The Feuchtenbergers


New Tattoo | Da'at Elohim

I am so excited about this! I finally got my 3rd tattoo. I got my first tattoo (a Jesus fish with a flower in the middle) when I turned 18. I got my second tattoo a few months after that on my rib (a dove). So it has been a hot minute since I have gotten some new ink considering I am now 27.

It is interesting that I was not really a believer when I got both of those tattoos. Yet, for some reason, those are the ones I chose. I like to think it was God saying, "you don't know this yet, but someday you will be mine." As I have grown, they have come to carry so much meaning.

In contrast to my other 2 tattoos, a lot of thought went into this tattoo... so I thought I would share more about it. (I got this done at Out of Town Tattoo. They were amazing and I highly recommend them!)

The tattoo says "da'at Elohim" which means "knowledge of God" in Hebrew.

This is only found once in scripture and it is in Hosea 6:6: "For I delight in loyalty rather than sacrifice, and in the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings."

There are 3 different layers of meaning for me and the words "da'at Elohim."

The book of Hosea. The scripture where this phrase is found is in the book of Hosea. Hosea is a story of redemption. God asks Hosea to marry a prostitute (Gomer) to represent his love for Israel (God's people). I love the story of Hosea and Gomer because I can relate to it. Struggling through identity and worth when I was younger but now being able to recognize that God was pursuing my heart, even in the mess. (The video below is a really cool overview of this book if you care to learn more!)

The word da'at. This word can be translated as devotion. Another Hebrew word for the english word "to know" is yadah or yada. Yaddah does not mean knowledge as in "to have information", but rather "to know someone in relationship". It looks like walking closely with God and being emotionally in-tune with Him.

The name Elohim. This is one of God's many names. When God first introduces himself in the book of Genesis, this is the name he uses for himself. It means He is the Strong Creator God. I recently started reading a book about God's names by Tony Evens. The first chapter is about this particular name. Amongst learning other really cool stuff about this name, the most fascinating was that Elohim is actually the plural version of El. Not only does this name represent the Father, but also the Son and the Holy Spirit.
"The literal translation of the name Elohim is 'strong one.' It has to do with God's sovereignty and His authority, reflecting the greatness of His power." (pg 32,  The Power of God's Names)
I thought I was a little clever when I thought of the fact that this name for God means "creator" and I have it stamped on my arm. It made me think of the tags that say "made in (fill in the blank)." It's like I have HIS stamp on me!
"But watches have watchmakers, paintings have painters, designs have designers, and creation has a creator." (pg 33, The Power of God's Names)

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