Child-like Faith

I just finished reading the book "Heaven Is For Real" and wow was it amazing! (I recommend this book!) The stuff little Colton comes up with is breathtaking. There is no way he could have made it up. This book is for sure a tear jerker.

A couple times in the book, Colton's dad talks about child-like faith. This is how we are supposed to enter heaven... with this sort of mindset and attitude. The bluntness and openness of a child's faith is something to be admired.

As I have mentioned before, I work with elementary aged kids. About 40 on average every day with ages ranging between 5-11. Today we were all out on the playground and I was sitting on the pavement observing and keeping my eye on all of them. I started praying and talking with God. "If we are supposed to have child-like faith, and here I am surrounded daily by children, there has got to be something for me to learn!" I continued my conversation and invited God into my day and thoughts. Later on we were back outside on the playground and all of the sudden I had a burst of energy and joy come over me. I'm not entirely sure why... maybe God could tell I was tired. :)

One of the chapters in this book is called Jesus Really Loves The Children. I completely believe it. Although they can be challenging, trust me I know, there are such an amazing blessing. I have a "lead teacher" position at my job, but I feel like this summer God wants me to be the student.

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