Kalispell, Montana

Picture I took down the street from the place we stayed!

I spent my 20th birthday on a 19 hour road trip to see my younger brother. He graduated from Flathead high school in Kalispell, MT on June 4th! It was great to see him again because I hadn't seen him in almost 6 months. 

My mom was great on the way there. My parents drove 6 hours to Sioux Falls, SD first and the when they arrived we continued driving through the night another 19 hours. At midnight my mom turned to me with a smile and a "happy birthday!" She made cupcakes and hid a peanut m&m in one of them. Every stop that we made (gas station, potty break, etc) I got a small present. These gifts were things from a beach ball to teeth whitening strips! Whoever got the peanut m&m also got a gift. Moral of the story.. it was a long drive but a good one.

Brenton went along on this trip as well. We got some good quality time together and wonderful conversation. We decided we will come back to Montana at some point.. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!

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