Crunch Time

It's cunch time, folks! We are 1 month and 2 weeks away from the big day. Things got a little overwhelming the first week of school at Morningside. After I got all of my class schedules, I noticed that in every class there is either an exam or project due the week before the wedding, the week following the wedding, or during our honeymoon. Awesome.

On a lighter note, our apartment is starting to come together! We have almost everything moved in, except for some of our gifts, and its starting to look like normal people live there! Last night, Brenton and I picked the paint colors for the walls in our living room and kitchen, yay! We also got our tv hooked up, finally! That has been a headache because we kept buying the wrong cord to hook a computer up to a tv. We have netflix on our computers and it gets old watching movies on a tiny screen.

Life is going to come fast these next couple of months. I keep telling myself one day at a time and I correct myself when I think too far ahead. I am ready for this wedding, and I am excited to be Brenton's wife!

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