Brenton's Voices

For those of you who know Brenton well, you know he can be a goofball and that he has many different voices.

Last night was a low key night for us (which I am totally not complaining about!). I wasn't feeling the greatest so we made an easy meal, and watched 2 episodes of River Monsters. I don't know why but we totally love this show. Pretty much the entire time Brenton was mocking the british accents.

In between the 2 episodes Brenton made chocolate chip cookies. Megan (my little sister-in-law) sold us cookie dough for a fundraiser a while back and we still had it in our freezer. I think these cookies created a sugar high because Brenton only got stranger into the second episode.

I'm laying in bed, nearly asleep, when Brenton jumps into our bed and starts talking to me in a voice that I find hilarious. (It is the voice of Steve Carell playing Gru in Despicable Me).  See below for example.

Brenton: Can I have back rub?
Me: silence
Brenton: C'mon.. you get leg rub and back rub, but I get no rub...?

This is only a short clip from the full 10 minutes of conversation, when finally I gave in and gave him a back rub. This might have been one of those "you had to have been there" moments.

This is one reason I love Brenton. His ability to make me belly laugh at 11 o'clock at night. I married a good one.

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