Honeymoon Shenanigans

Brenton and I were running around town last night trying to get the final little things we needed for our honeymoon. I mentioned we needed to get shampoo and conditioner and that we could just pack them in our suitcase. Brenton then asked me if we should worry about the bottles exploding. I told him they wont explode because there is no major altitude change from South Dakota to Mexico. He turned, looked at me and said, "sweetheart, you know we are flying in a plane, right?" We busted out laughing and I felt like an idiot.

Tonight as we were packing and weighing our suitcases we realized Brenton only had one swim suit. We looked all over the apartment and couldn't find his other suits. Brenton suggested we go to Walmart because then we could save some money. I told him I didn't think Walmart would have swimsuits this time of year but we could go check. On our way to Walmart we made a bet. If Brenton found a swimsuit at Walmart, he would get to pick what our extracurricular activities would be on our honeymoon (fishing, zip-lining, etc), and if Brenton didn't find a swimsuit at Walmart, I would get to pick.

Walmart didn't have swimsuits. Scheels did.

Brenton and I are on the same page, though, about what we would like to do as extras on our honeymoon. Needless to say, the bet didn't really hold.

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