How He Popped The Question...

In honor of the fact that B and I are getting married in 9 days, I thought I would share the story of how he asked me. (This story is also on our wedding website so if you have checked that out you might have already seen this!)

Brenton and I had been planning a trip to Eau Claire (my hometown) for quite some time. A weekend finally opened up and we decided to go. The 5 hour drive home was late and long and was spent doing bible studies and dreaming about what our future might look like. (Little did I know, and later found out, I was sitting about a foot away from my ring the entire drive!) We arrived late friday night, caught up with my parents, and went to bed. The next morning my mom and I went to get our hair done and Brenton and my dad went to work out. We carved pumpkins when we both got back because it was the day before halloween. Just as we were getting done carving I went and sat down in my living room. My mom said to me, "hey, I have a pair of shoes I want you to design for me!" (I had been coloring on/designing shoes for people this past summer.) She then came out with a shoe box in her hands. I opened the box to see a pair of shoes that said "will you marry me?" on them. At that point, Brenton was kneeling next to me reciting what was on the border of the shoes... "will you laugh with me? will you travel with me? will you have a family with me?" and many more questions. We were both shaking and crying (and smiling!) when i said "of course!"

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