"I think we found a staple.."

Brenton and I are so busy and we normally eat dinner late. We meet up at the apartment, cook dinner, and hangout until about 10. Then I head home to the Kandt's house where I am currently staying.

Because we are so busy, we are always wanting something easy to cook. We eat a lot of chicken and I love a lot of soy sauce! Brenton said that the only thing he thinks I would ever leave him for is soy sauce... :)

The picture on the left is Brenton's creation, it is Tilapia (fish) with tomatoes, parmesan cheese, onion, cilantro, and lime. I didn't eat it, but it looked good. I had the picture on the right. I put together an oriental wrap. It was a spinach wrap, chicken (cooked in olive oil and a little bit of soy sauce), asian noodles, roman lettuce, carrots, and a homemade dressing. I LOVE oriental food. Especially the sweet vinaigrette dressings they use. I totally guessed and threw together a dressing using what we had in our kitchen (which is not much at the moment). The dressing was olive oil, a little bit of rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, honey, and honey mustard. It was awesome!! Brenton had me make a Tupperware full of it so he could put it on salads.

My favorite dressing ever is the one on the Oriental Chicken Salad at Applebees. That one has mayo in it so it is not as healthy, but I am determined to make that one as well!

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