Our Cracker Box Apartment

It has been a blast so far being a newlywed! We have crammed pretty much everything we could into our tiny little cracker box of an apartment but nevertheless, it is starting to feel like home! We got home Monday afternoon from Sioux Falls and as soon as we arrived, I had Brenton pounding nails into the wall to hang curtains and pictures. These are some of my favorite parts of our apartment. Our bedroom is my next project! The top left picture is located right when you walk into our front door. The picture frame is a wedding gift from Mark and Liza DeYounge that we LOVE! The 4-cube shelf below it is packed with books and random trinkets. The top right picture is also right when you walk in the front door. The mirror is also a wedding gift from Matt and Jill Holmes. Matt was the best man and Jill was my personal attendant. The mirror says "Feuchtenberger. Established in 2011". The flowers are from the wedding so they probably wont stay there long. These two bottom pictures are of our coffee bar. As I have mentioned in older posts, Brenton and I love coffee and are constantly trying new things. My coffee bar is temporarily in a hand-me-down cupboard but (when we have some extra cash) eventually I would like a bigger shelf. This is a hodge-podge of mugs I have collected, including mugs from Paris and Puerto Rico. Our apartment still needs some work but at least we are making progress!

** Please excuse the horrible quality pictures. Because we do not have a nice camera currently, I have been taking pictures with my iPhone.**

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