Honeymoon | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

So let me just start off by saying Brenton and I had a blast! It is always nice to get away and spend some one-on-one time together. We took a break in between our wedding and our honeymoon so that we would have time to settle down and get everything organized. I recommend this to future newlyweds!

Almost everyday we were there, Brenton would turn to me at some point and say, "you should blog about this!" So... I am going to give you a summary of our days and what exciting things happened on our honeymoon.

We woke up at 2:30 am, poured ourselves some coffee and drove to Omaha, NE. Our flight left at 6:30am with a layover in Dallas, TX to a connecting flight at 8:30am. On our second flight we met an older couple from Canada that had been visiting Puerto Vallarta for almost 15 years. They gave us the inside scoop. We got off the plane and went through a gauntlet of people trying to get us to buy timeshares or go scuba-diving. Once we made it through we saw our name on a sign in the VIP lounge. They took our bags for us and drove us to the hotel. After spending our first couple hours in the sun we got ready and went to dinner at Andres. (We were all inclusive, which was really nice.) After dinner we struck up conversation with a couple whose names were Hal and Bev. We talked with them for almost an hour and decided to make plans with them for later in the week. While I went to get dessert, they suggested Brenton order a chocolate martini. Man, was that thing strong!

Pool all morning. Pretty typical. We walked down about 4 blocks to the Marina where we had dinner. We got to sit and watch kids pass in their costumes. Some of them even came up to us at our table and asked for candy! Too cute.

I woke up tuesday morning and noticed something on the wall by our bed. It was a tiny little gecko. It took us about 10 minutes to catch the "lil' bugga'"(Brenton was calling him this as he was trying to catch him) because he moved really fast. This is also the day that we discovered our new favorite drink. It was called the Mexican Flag: strawberry daiquiri on the bottom, pina collada in the middle, and some lime flavored drink on top. Yummy! For dinner we went to the Beach Club which was at a sister resort. It was Asian night and the food was aaaamazing.

Pool all morning and Andres for dinner... nothing exciting happened this day. :P

This was the day we got to see the baby turtles. There was a turtle sanctuary right down the beach from our resort. They would keep the turtle eggs safe, let them hatch, and then release them into the ocean, all so that the birds would not eat them. We were starting to get a little bored of laying by the pool everyday so we started throwing around the idea of going zip-lining. A guy from guest services at the resort made us a deal... if we sat through a 2 hour long time share presentation (they try to sell you one) we could get 2 tickets for free. I didn't want to but Brenton said we should. At the end of the long and boring 2 hours, we said no, and walked away with our 2 free tickets for 13 zip-lines and 2 hours of horseback riding. After that we had a much needed (in my opinion) hour long couples massage.

We had fried bananas at breakfast and spent the morning at the pool. This was the day we went downtown with Hal and Bev (who we met our first night at the resort). We spent the day shopping and wandering around. I think my favorite part though was the too fast, too furious bus ride we had home. Everybody drives really fast and honks. No joke, I think at one point we passed another bus with only a foot in between us. Our night concluded with dinner by the beach back at our resort.

This was the day we used our free tickets! We had a 45 minute drive to the ranch up in the BIG hills. Our driver on the way to the ranch had an ongoing joke about "mexican versions". First when we got into the van he asked if we wanted air conditioning or the mexican version (windows down). Then we passed a pile of bricks on the side of the road and he called it the "mexican home depot." Our adventure started with an hour of horseback riding along a freshwater creek. We got off and walked another 10 minutes to a waterfall. I have never seen a waterfall in person, so this was pretty awesome. We then got back on our horses and rode the last hour. Once back at the ranch, we started our zip-lines. This was also pretty awesome, and we got our very much needed exercise in all of the hiking!

Sad day. We had our last breakfast by the beach and then started packing and checked out. At the Mexican airport they took away our guacamole bowl/rock.. this made me not happy. They said it was like carrying a big rock and we could not take it on the plane. LAME! We got home at about 10:45, both exhausted.

Well, thats all folks! Stay tuned for our next big adventure! :)

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