Wedding Details

As I was skimming through the photos I have saved on my computer, I came across some random wedding pictures. As I was putting together my wedding flowers and other small details, I took pictures. So now.. I am sharing them!

These first two pictures are my wedding bouquet. The flowers are from hobby lobby, along with the ribbon. I put all of my flowers together by myself, and totally enjoyed it! (Future brides - if you are planning on using silk flowers and making your flowers by yourself, call me :) I would love to help!) Using silk flowers had a lot of positives. One: they are FAKE and they don't need water. They are also not as delicate as real flowers so you don't have to worry about ruining them. Two: if you don't like the design of the bouquet you made, you can rip it apart and start all over again. I used the same flowers for my bridesmaids. I used just one ivory and 3 burnt orange smaller flowers. I also put some twisted twigs in our bouquets to match the fall theme.

My ring bearer pillow was also homemade. I bought a pillow from hobby lobby and then cut it apart. I actually used the lace and the diamond pin that came with it, and used them on my bouquet. (See above). I bought some burlap and used my permanent markers to create the October calendar. I then circled our wedding date. The whole time I was putting my wedding together, I kept thinking 'I don't want to spend a ton of money on something I am only going to use once'. I thought this pillow was a cute idea to display in our home... and it is currently in our living room.

I had 4 fittings to change my dress because after I bought it.. I hated it. I was in love with a different dress that I had tried on but I knew 2 other people who had gotten married in that same dress. My seamstress took 4 inches in at the top, hemmed the bottom, bustled the back, and added tulle in the skirt. My dress fit me way different than it did when I first got it. (The picture above was taken about a month before the wedding.)

My seamstress also made my hair pieces. When my parents were married, she wore a headpiece along with her veil. It covered about 1/4 of her hair. I wanted to take some of the flowers off of her headpiece and wear them in my hair on my wedding day. My seamstress put them on 3 little clips and I wore them on the side of my bun. It was my something old.

I LOVED putting together all of the little details! Every time I worked on something it made me more and more excited for the big day. Another recommendation to future brides.. if you like to be hands on, do it, it makes all the details way more meaningful!

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