Yarn Letters

It was one of my good friend, Jill's, birthday last week and as I was skimming through pinterest I came across this idea. There were no step-by-step tutorials, so I guessed throughout the process, but it turned out really cute!

Step 1
Draw letter on presentation board (purchased at walmart). I used "H: for their last name.
Step 2
Cut out letter using exacto knife. Be careful what you cut on top of!
Step 3
Use a little bit of hot glue to start the yarn. Decide which side is going to be the back before you do this. Be careful not to pull too tight without holding the yarn in place on top of the hot glue. Start wrapping the yarn around the letter, every once and a while putting a dab of hot glue on the letter.

Completely wrapped in yarn.

Step 4
Add felt flowers. Cut a circle out of felt. Spiral cut circle. Start rolling it at the center and hot glue along the way. Once done, organize and clue onto letter.

Final Product!

I also made one for Brenton and I.

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