Cake Balls

Cake Balls!! This is a fun dessert to make! Found a  recipe on pinterest (yeah I am obsessed, along with every other girl) and had to give it a shot.

Fun-fetti is my favorite kind of cake (besides ice cream cake) and I thought this would be easy to make for our multiple Christmas'.

I realized as I made my second batch of cake balls today that I messed up the recipe last time. I put in half the amount of butter that it calls for but they still tasted yummy. I also didn't leave them in the fridge long enough before coating them. My second batch has been in my fridge for a half an hour, instead of 10 minutes.

There are a couple other recipes I would like to try. I would also like to try putting them on sticks to make them cake pops and decorate them all pretty.

I guess we will see if I can pull that off along with my sourdough cookies I make every year...

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