This was my home decorating project today. For some reason, it always happens on friday. I'm in a good mood, therefor, I decorate.

This shelf has just been sitting in our guest bedroom since I moved in. My great grandpa made it and it was hung in my room growing up. My mom had no use for it anymore so we took it. I hung it up in our living room, and I am very pleased with the way it turned out!

I think it has a cozy feel to it! Brenton has not seen it yet but I think he will appreciate its cabin-esk feel. He has already forewarned me that when we have a house, the basement will be decorated in a woodsy cabin way.

The two big picture frames are actually just scrapbook paper I got at Walmart. The pillow is our ring-barer pillow from our wedding - it has the October calendar on it with the 15th circled. And the small picture frame is of me riding horses when I was younger. On the left side are wine bottles from our wedding and the dried roses are from Brenton. He sent them to me for my birthday 2 summers ago when he was in France. I got the "Rejoice in the Lord" sign at hobby lobby a while ago and didn't know where to put it. I think I found it a place!

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