Crappy Poopy Poopy

It has been a couple of gloomy days in the Feuchtenberger household. Brenton and I are both sick and it started with me last weekend. My head felt like a balloon because I was so congested. I felt awful and all I wanted to do was sleep. Glad to say that I am finally getting over my head cold, but now my better half has caught it. Brenton is struggling with the same symptoms I had.

Let me just mention that Brenton never gets sick.. and he is proud of that. Well folks, I got him.

I came home from bible study last night and he was laying on the couch watching his hunting show. He came into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth and in his nasally voice said, "I feel crappy poopy poopy." It was actually more of a song because he said it over and over again while sort of dancing behind me. It made me laugh.

I love my husband... even when he is loopy and singing weird made-up songs.

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