Homemade Christmas

I bought 3 big poster frames from Ikea a couple of months ago and they were just sitting in our guest bedroom. I had designed these on picnik with intentions of printing them. I got impatient and thought, hey, it would be free for me to just draw them on big paper. I had the paper from an art class I was in at USF. I used black permanent marker to draw and color in. (I did it in pencil first!!!)

I am really pleased with the way they turned out! I didn't really want to do an "F" in the middle and I wanted some Christmas in our bedroom so I decided to wrap the last frame in some wrapping paper I liked.

My new fascination is with stamps. I have been slowly collecting different stamps that I find for really cheep. A couple of the stamps I have are snowflakes, a dove, flowers, and 2 sets of small letters. I bought gift tags from hobby lobby a while back for Christmas gift tags. I stamped "Merry Christmas" with a green snowflake onto the tags and tied them under a bow with satin ribbon. I think it turned out cute! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I changed our sheets to the green set we got from a wedding shower to add to the Christmas feel. (Plus they are really cozy!)

One of the gifts we got from our wedding was the Willow Tree nativity set. Love it! I put those on top of a bookshelf in our living room. I have been obsessed with Pinterest lately too, with all the crafty DIY ideas. One I totally loved was the idea of framing fabric and writing on top of the glass with dry erase marker - so you can change the message. I didn't have any fabric to cut up so I used some green scrapbook paper and on top wrote "Remember the reason for the season!"

Our tree was from the Michael's black friday sale.. we got it cheep! Also the stockings are from shopko.. also cheep! At lewis I found cinnamon scented pinecones and I put them in some of the left over glass cylinders from our wedding. Looks cute and makes our apartment smell yummy!

My good friend Jill and I are getting together tonight to do more arts & craft type of things - I think we are going to make ornaments. Stay tuned for pictures! :)

Credit for Frames

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