High School

Oh high school. It seems like it was longer than 3 years ago that I graduated. Being totally honest.. I didn't really enjoy high school. There were, however, a few things I absolutely loved... show choir, dance, Younglife, horses, and my friends. This post is pretty much just me reminiscing and looking through old photographs.

Show choir. Show choir was a part of my high school experience starting freshman year. I started in Eagelettes, which was the all girls show choir. Sophomore year I moved up to the JV level which was called Eagle. (Our mascot was Old Abe - hence the names). Junior year I tried out and made the Varsity level show choir (OASC - Old Abe Show Choir). Junior year was by far our best year. The picture on the left is junior year. We did a grand sweep (we won it all) at a local competition. Senior year I became dance captain along with my friend Katrina for OASC. I was also part of Madrigals, which was another singing group you had to try out for. It was 24 people (12 guys, 12 girls) and during Christmas time we would carol. We had muffs and bonnets and the boys wore top hats. During the off season we would turn into a vocal jazz group. Our groups spent a lot of time together whether it was practice, traveling, competing, or other extra activities. The friends I have stayed in touch with, were all in show choir with me. 

Dance. Dance has always been a big part of my life. I started dancing when I was 4 at some random studio in Eau Claire. Then my mom moved me to a different studio, En Avant. I danced at that studio growing up, all the way through high school. A lot of the same friends that I did show choir with, also danced with me at En Avant. We danced during the week for a couple of hours (which classes you were taking decided what days you were there). I was in tap, pointe, hip-hop, modern, and jazz. I think modern and hip-hop are still my favorite. Katrina and Jordyn and in the picture with me on the left, and the picture on the right is from dress rehearsal for our tap number to "when the saints". 

Younglife. I have been a part of Younglife for 5 years. I started when I was a sophomore in high school. When I got to college I became a leader, both in Winona and Sioux Falls. I have a soft spot in my heart for Younglife because it is where I was introduced to Christ. My all time favorite memory would be from my junior year when we traveled to Colorado for the YL Wilderness camp. We backpacked up a mountain and camped for a week. It was physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenging. We carried everything on our backs, including shelter, food, and clothing. Our water came from creeks we found on the hike and our tents were sheets of tarp. The picture is of me and my best friend Joelle. (I'm on the left, Joelle's on the right). The most challenging part for me was halfway through the week when we approached a huge hill. I was exhausted, which made me emotional. So here I am, standing at the bottom of this hill, crying because I didn't think I could do it. I wanted to give up but all of the people with me on this trip pushed me and I made it through. It was one of those experiences that changed my life, and pushed me further than I thought I could go.

Horses. I love horses, and I am sad because I no longer ride. I started horse lessons when I was 7 - I think. I slowly talked my parents into buying me one. My first horse was Skippy, second was Brodey, and third was Sunny. (Skippy on the left, Sunny on the right). I did horse shows with my horses, which means you make them look pretty, you get all decked out yourself, and you pretty much present them. There were different categories like english, western, halter, and showmanship. Brenton has promised me that someday I will be able to own horses again. Fingers crossed!

Last but not least.. friends. My friends are awesome. (Picture on left from left to right - Joelle, Katrina, Megan, Me, Maya, Jenna). Joelle (picture on the right) and I met the summer before kindergarden. We lived down the street from one another and one day she just walked right up to me while I was swinging. From that point on, we have been best friends. She was my maid of honor in my wedding and has been more like a sister to me throughout my life. Katrina, I met through dance and show choir. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and also remains very close to my heart. Maya I met in high school. We didn't like each other at first for reasons neither of us know, but we realized that we could actually be really good friends. She lives far away from me but is still one of my best friends. She was also in my wedding. I have known Jenna for a long time as well. She also lived in the same neighbor hood as Joelle and I growing up. We were separated in high school and she moved to Sioux Falls for college. I actually didn't know she was in Sioux Falls until after I had made my decision to move there myself. I ended up living with her in a house with a couple other girls. Jenna has also been like a sister to me. I feel blessed to have all of them in my life!

Thanks for reading :)

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