27 Dresses - or something like that

I love pinterest... don't get me wrong. But I do not like all of the wedding stuff on there. It makes me look back and wish I could change things about my wedding... particularly my dress. I bought my dress the second day of trying on dresses. It was a black friday deal and we got it for a REALLY good price. It was important to me to not spend a ton of money on my dress because, realistically, I was only going to wear it for one day. The pictures above are of some of the dresses I tried on and liked. The one on the top left looked too much like one of my prom dresses so I said no to that one. The middle top was one shoulder and too hard to dance around in - yes I tried. The top right and bottom left I LOVED but I knew too many people who had already worn the dress. The bottom middle I was about 10 minutes away from buying but considering it was only the first time trying on dresses, we waited. And the bottom right is my actual wedding dress. I also tried on a couple other styles at the place I bought my dress, but they wouldn't let us take pictures in the store. This was by far the best part of planning the wedding, and I am bummed that I didn't really get the full experience. Future brides.. take your time picking out a dress! Enjoy the bridal experience and try on lots of dresses - you don't know if you like the style until you actually try it on!

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