New Years in Des Moines

We wrapped up our holiday season with a weekend in Des Moines. We spent the New Years weekend at a hotel with Brenton's mom's side - the Knobloch family. Last year we did an ugly sweater contest and this year it was an "ugly thrift store outfit" contest. Brenton won second place according to the kidos. Next year we have decided on a "prom gone wrong" theme for our ugly contest. We are to wear anything formal. There was also an incident with Brenton's cousin Kate... she accidentally swallowed 15 cents! She had a scope done where they removed the coins and she came back around lunch time that same day. She was all good and the day continued as normal. The weekend was a blast and it was filled with games, movies, food, shopping, and laughter! There is nothing better than spending time with people who make you smile.

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