New Years Resolution #1

The first of our many New Years resolutions this year is to be healthy and get strong. Strong is the new skinny, folks. Brenton and I changed from our old gym membership to the YMCA because it is closer to our apartment. It is also a much nicer place to workout. They offer classes like cycling, kick-boxing, and centergy. Centergy is a way to "center your energy" with yoga and we do it every Saturday morning at 9.

Because we have been working out an average of 3 times a week, we go through a lot of protein... and protein bars are not cheap. Brenton does the protein shakes but they make me want to gag. I was bummin around on the internet and I came across a recipe for protein bars. I found it on a blog {click here to check it out} and attempted it. They were very good but the banana was too overpowering for our taste. I also put way too much dark chocolate on the top (on accident - wink wink).

The pictures on the right is round 2 - and totally a keeper. I decided instead of using the bananas I would just add more peanut butter and honey. And instead of dark chocolate on top, I tried mini chocolate chips mixed in. I froze them for about an hour and let them be while I cooked dinner. Once solid, I took them out, cut them, wrapped them all individually in plastic wrap, and put them back in the fridge. 

These bars are simple to make and great when you are on the go. If one of your New Years resolutions is working out... give these a shot!

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