Hey Self, Happy Valentine's Day.

Conversation my brain had with itself this morning...

 6:30 am - (Alarm goes off) Good morning! How do you feel about a throbbing migraine to start your Valentine's day?

(sigh and fall back asleep)

7:10 am - (Second alarm goes off) How about we don't go to Art History this morning... just sleep with an icepack for a while instead.

* Notice I talk myself into things*

7:15 am - (After pondering the pros and cons of skipping class) ok fine, I'll sleep.

(walk with eyes closed to freezer, grab icepack, back to bed)

9:00 am - I should probably get up now and get ready for my second class. If I leave here at 10:20 I will get there a little early and be ready for class at 10:50.

10:20 am - (On my way to campus) OH CRAP! Class started at 9:50, not 10:50!

10:21 am - (As I turn the car around to go back home) Hey self, happy Valentine's day.

Hope your Valentine's day is going a little better than mine so far!!

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