De Jong Wedding

Our friends Nate and Sabrina got married last weekend in Rock Rapids, IA. It was a beautiful wedding with a very beautiful bride.
This was the wedding gift I made for them. I actually designed this last semester in my graphic design class and held onto it until I found a frame to fit it. I used their wedding colors and the scripture they used in their wedding. I also highlighted "Love never fails" because that was the part they used on their invite.

They had a really fun photo booth that we partook in a couple of times. Brenton and I went first and were not ready for the first (or the last) photo. 

These are our friends Matt and Jill. Their whole family stayed at Brenton's parent's house with us Saturday night. Brenton and I crashed early but apparently Matt and Jill stayed up until 1 talking with Brenton's family.

It was a really fun weekend!

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  1. Love this Sarah! Your beautiful artwork is hanging in our bedroom, because I LOVE IT! You are so crafty. The "D" you helped me make our of wooden letter and yarn is also in our bedroom. Your crafty spirit inspires me! Love your blog! Hope all is well!


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