Graduations, Birthdays, & Baptisms

As I mentioned in my last post, we had a big weekend. It was Brenton's sister Megan's birthday, graduation, and baptism. Plus, it was also Mother's day on Sunday.

A fun little gift I made for Megan for her graduation was an "M" wrapped in yarn and a silver flower with bright colors as an accent. I was put in charge of decorations for her grad party and those were the colors she wanted to use. We set it right by her picture displays. 

The events started on Saturday with Megan's grad party. Then that night was the graduation ceremony. She was valedictorian and gave a speech, graduated with honors, and was also awarded the highest award they give, the citizenship award. So proud of her!!

The next morning we made the half hour trip to Falls Church, in Sioux Falls, where Megan was baptized. She read her short testimony and was dunked. Very emotional, but awesome!

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