We Moved!

Our New Home
My dad and half of our small group helped us move 2 weekends ago. (Sorry it took so long to get pictures up.. life has been a little crazy lately!)

We upgraded from our 2 bedroom apartment in South Sioux City, NE to a country home with 40 acres in Iowa. I will update pictures of the inside when the house is put together!

 This is Cabela's idea of helping.

Funny story about the picture on the left - Leae and I were putting the kitchen together while the boys went and got a second load with the truck and trailer. About a half an hour after they left, Leae and I stopped and asked each other where Cabela was. We started running around inside and outside the house looking for her and I called Brenton and asked if he had her. As I ran into our bedroom to look, I noticed something different. Amongst the trash bags filled with clothing was a little brown head. Cabela had made herself comfortable and fallen asleep.

<--- This was a result of moving.

Well, actually, more like a result of trying to put the house together.

Brenton and I went to Menards to pick up stuff for our garden and flowers to put in pots.

While we were there, the cart that was filled with flowers and bags of dirt, tipped over and landed on my leg. Ouch!

It looked nasty and I had to wear a dress the following weekend - cute accessory!

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