Flipping Furniture - but not literally!

Brenton and I are both passionate about coffee. Brenton actually calls himself a coffee snob - don't tell him I told you that! ;)

We were using a small 3 shelf cupboard for our coffee bar, but when we moved, we decided it was time to upgrade. I was looking around at a flea market close to campus and found a deal!

It is an old wood china cabinet for $50!


I broke the glass, took the doors off, sanded the entire thing, and then painted it. I added the splash of color on the bottom to spice it up a little!


^ The finished product. Not sure if this is truly how I want to organize it, though. When Brenton got home, I insisted that it be moved into the house right away (he loves this quality about me.... not!) I put the coffee bar together quickly because we had friends coming over for dinner.

It seems as if I have found yet another passion... refinishing and flipping furniture!

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