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This post is going to be some what random, but all on the same topic of love. A lot of things I have watched or read lately have had this theme, so I thought I would blog about it all in one post!

First off... my husband surprised me by bringing home flowers at lunch.

This always brings a smile to my face and my heart.

Second... I watched part of a cheesy movie on Netflix this morning called Love, Wedding, Marriage. Mandy Moore and Kellan Lutz play husband and wife. They go through a tough time as newlyweds which brings Ava (Mandy Moore) and her dad to a conversation. Charlie (Kellan Lutz) gave Ava a bottle of wine with their own label on it as a wedding gift, and Ava's dad gives his 2 cents on the matter...

"You know why I think Charlie gave you the wine for a wedding gift? He told me once that when the grapes are grown the wine makers purposely stress them out by depriving them of water and giving them an over abundance of sunshine. Now, this weeds out the weak ones and only the strongest and best survive, and those are the grapes that make the finest wine. Now the greatest love survives the harshest of conditions and surviving that turmoil is what makes a marriage strong."

Mmm. Enough said.

Thirdly... I am in the process of reading Captivating by John & Stasi Eldredge. It is about the mystery of a woman's soul. (They also wrote Wild at Heart about the man's soul - Brenton is reading it and says it is very good as well.) I recently read the chapter titled "Romanced".

This kind of love I am about to talk about is different than the love I previously mentioned. This is the love between the God of the Universe and us.

This (kind of long) excerpt is from a section called "opening our hearts to the romancer" (Page 116 is where it starts if any of you own this book). It takes her a while to tell the whole story.

(Stasi is in the process of explaining an experience her husband John had. He was having alone time on the beach with God when all of the sudden a humpback whale appeared extremely close to shore. That was one of God's intimate gift to John.)

"John told me this story and, as happy as I was for him, I was more hungry for such a kiss for myself. I wanted a whale too. I wanted to experience God's love for me, personally. It wasn't long after this that John and I were in Northern California speaking at a couple's retreat. I, too, snuck away one morning for some much needed time on the beach with God. I sat on the sand, looked out to the sea, and asked God for a whale. "I know you love John, Jesus, but do you love me too? That much? If you do, may I have a whale too?" I felt a little silly in asking, for I knew the truth -- that God had already proven his love for me. He had sent his only Son, Jesus, to die for me (John 3:16). He had rescued me. He had paid the highest price imaginable for me. He had given me all of creation to speak of his great glory and love, and he had given me the Word of God in all its depth and beauty, and here I was, asking for more. And God loved it. God delights in revealing himself to those who will seek him with all their hearts. He is an extravagant, abundant Lover, and he loves to reveal his heart to us again and again. After a while, with no whale in sight, I got up off the sand and continued to walk. It was early spring, waves crashing, seagulls crying. The northern coast of California is rocky, and as I picked my way through, I rounded a corner and came upon a starfish, a beautiful orange starfish. And I knew at once it was God's gift to me, his kiss. He didn't give me a whale; no, that was for John alone. For me, unique to me, he gave a stunning starfish. He answered my question. Yes. He loved me. I thanked him for it, then rounded the next bend and came upon a sight I will never forget. There before me, behind me, surrounding me, were hundreds of starfish. Zillions of them. There were purple ones and orange ones and blue ones, all sizes. I burst into joyful laughter, my heart exploding inside me. God didn't just love me. He LOOOOVED me. Intimately, personally, completely. God gave John a whale. It was huge and strong. God gave me a starfish. They were delicate, small, intricate."

After I read this, I stopped and pondered. How am I being romanced? Am I too blind or busy to see it?

How is Jesus romancing your heart?

Ask Him.

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