Operation Backpack

Our church (Sunnybrook) is currently doing Operation Backpack. Anyone who wants to participate can pick up a backpack, choose how many and what grades, fill them, and bring them back. They go to kids who are in need for school supplies for the year.

Brenton and I filled one for a first grader!

Sunnybrook's website (sunnybrookchurch.org) also has more information.

I actually really enjoyed doing this and think it is a great way to fill a need. Such basic and simple things that are so important to learning. We will definitely be participating again!

Through the process I realized how much stuff elementary students need! It has been a while since I was in elementary school, so I guess it was interesting to buy this stuff, and I'm not a mom. I picked all of the plain stuff and it took me a while, so I can't imagine what shopping with a 6 or 7 year old would be like! Although, I do wish crayons and markers were still on the supplies list for college students! :)

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