Puppy Boot Camp

As many of you know, we sent Cabela back to where we bought her from for some training. Brenton wanted to get her trained for bird hunting. She has been gone for a little over a month and tomorrow we are driving 4 hours (one way) to go get her! She is 7 months now, which seems crazy, so I am excited to see how much she has grown.

Mike, the owner and trainer of Bear Creek Kennels, ran Cabela in a Upland Gundog Association competition. She had 15 minutes to find, point, and retrieve 3 quail. 10 puppies entered the compotiton and only 3 accomplished it. Cabela was one of the 3! :)

Mike's son Isaiah is the one in the photo with her. He says she is his favorite dog there for training.
This morning, Mike uploaded a video for us of her training session from yesterday. She is still as energetic and squirrely as always, but I'm so proud of my little bean :)


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