Belle Had Puppies!

My best friend Jill's dog Belle was expected to have her puppies last Thursday (the 25th) so we had been on watch for her to start labor. I had girls weekend in Stillwater that weekend and was nervous I was going to miss her giving birth. Brenton and I are thinking about breeding Cabela when she gets older, and if we do, I wanted to have experienced it at least once.

Jill had been keeping me informed on Belle and at the end of the weekend there were still no puppies. Belle started going into labor on Halloween. I rushed over to their house just in time to see the first puppy being born!

There were 4 in the litter and Belle took 1-2 hours in between each puppy! I'm so glad Jill let me be there to experience it! 

Carlee's excited face

Jill calls them zebra mice because of their color when they first come out :)

Mom cuddling her little girl

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