Christmas with the Feuchtenbergers

The only pictures we took were when we opened gifts... and there are a lot of them...

Brenton smelling my candle while taking a picture.

And now for your enjoyment... Bennett's facials:

I got a beautiful watch from Tim and Beth.
Megan with her gift from Russia from Nikita.
Brenton and his gift from Russia from Nikita - a keychain from the 2014 olympics in his hometown.

Bennett accidentally wrapped my bath and body works lotion for Brenton.

Beth (sorry it's not the best picture) with the homemade ornament from me. It has sand from our vacation and the place and dates.
Another gift from Tim and Beth. This was a fun one... I wanted this bracelet when we were in Mexico but I couldn't get the guy to give it to me cheap enough. As soon as I walked away, Beth went back and got it for me. So sneaky!

Oh... and Brenton is stronger than he thinks he is...

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