Merry Christmas from the Feuchtenbergers

Well, I have been so busy trying to wrap up the semester, we were not able to get christmas cards done and mailed out. So... I figured instead of doing nothing, I might as well put something on my blog. So without further delay, here is our "Christmas card" and letter!

2012 has been a crazy year for this Feuchtenberger family. This year, we moved out of our apartment and into our first home. Although we are only renting the home, it's the perfect place for us to be because we get to use the 40 acres around us as well (which Brenton loves because of hunting). I have spent a good chunk of time decorating, painting, and nesting in our new home. Along with celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary, we also took a vacation this year over Thanksgiving with Brenton's family. We spent the week in Mexico!

In May we added a new member to our little family. We got a german shorthair puppy - Cabela - at 8 weeks old. She has grown up so fast, is now 9 months old, but is still pretty little. She won't be a very big dog (which I am ok with). She has a ton of energy and Brenton has been very impressed with her hunting abilities. We actually sent her to "puppy training" as we called it, where she learned to find and point birds. This is her first fall hunting, and is doing very well. She is also starting to calm down a little and walks around the house at a normal pace.

Brenton has had an amazing year at work with Farm Bureau. God is truly blessing us. A lot of changes have happened: he hired a sales associate and is in the process of partnering with another agent. It is exciting to see Brenton so passionate about what he does and how much success he is having. I'm so proud of him! Brenton spends a lot of time out in the woods hunting deer. This is his number 1 passion and would live out there if I let him! He has also been spending plenty of time pheasant hunting with Cabela.

I am finishing up my last year of college and am more than ready to be done! I will graduate in May with a major in Religious Studies and a double minor in Graphic Design and Advertising. My whole senior year will be spent doing art and graphic design work, which I enjoy very much! I am also working at our home church, Sunnybrook, as an assistant to the Community Life Director and Communication Director. Basically, it means I get to do a lot of graphic design work and help with college ministry. I love it there and plan to continue working there after graduation.

Brenton and I's dreaming has not slowed down. We often talk of our next home, another dog, and kiddos. We are both so excited to see what God has planned for us and how He will use us to share His amazing love. We continue to grow as a couple every day and are very much enjoying this unexpected love of ours.
Merry Christmas!

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