Illegitimate Taste Testing

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I do not eat pheasant meat. Regardless of the fact that Brenton hunts with Cabela for these birds, I am too grossed out to eat them. I'm a picky eater to start but the fact that the meat has been in my dog's mouth (keep in mind, I know where her mouth has been) takes away my appetite.


The other night as I am folding laundry, Brenton makes dinner. He comes into the laundry room with two pieces of breaded and fried meat. He tells me one of them is chicken and one of them is pheasant and that I won't be able to tell the difference. Hesitantly, I try both pieces and make my guess. After I explain why I think one of them is chicken Brenton says, "NOPE! They are both pheasant!"

your kidding me right?

Brenton was right, I cannot taste the difference between pheasant and chicken, BECAUSE THEY WERE BOTH PHEASANT! This is not a fair taste test! Nevertheless, I'm still not eating pheasant.

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