i'm spoiled.

Oh my goodness, how lucky am I!?

So in order to start this story off right, I have to backtrack a couple of weeks. We drove to Orange City to have dinner with Brenton's sister Megan and the rest of his family. While we were at dinner, Brenton was texting under the table. Of course, me being curious (and probably a little nosy) looked at his phone and asked, "who ya texting?" He freaked and said I couldn't see because it was about a gift he was getting me.

He refused to tell me what this gift was so I nagged him, naturally, for a couple of weeks. I asked him to give me hints and the most he would tell me: "It is somewhere between a pebble and a house." Gee, thanks.

On Wednesday night I came home late from work and he had a note for me on the door. "Something on the table for you! Love you."

He got me diamond earrings! He has a connection through one of his clients so apparently he got a really great deal on them. This is the biggest gift he has given me besides my wedding ring. They are so sweet and classy - he did so good!

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