Sprayed by a Skunk

The other evening, as usual, Cabela went outside to go potty. A typical night would consist of us screaming for her outside until she came running, but Monday evening was different. She came to the door and scratched at it. When Brenton let her inside, she came flying in and immediately starting rubbing her head all over my nice living room rug. A waft of stank came over us and we knew what had happened. Cabela got sprayed by a skunk... in the face.

At this point, Brenton and I went into panic survival mode and put her in the shower. Brenton started googling and it told us that if your dog gets sprayed in the face, they can go blind for a couple of days. I got in the shower with Cabela and was frantically rubbing her down with every shampoo we could find. Apparently this is not what you are supposed to do. You are supposed to dry them off first and get as much of it off without getting them wet. It's an oil that skunks spray which makes it very difficult to get out. Any who, Cabela had her eyes closed and we didn't know if it was because she couldn't see, if it hurt to open her eyes, or if she was just enjoying her free rub down and warm bath. She is sort of spoiled that way.

After monday nights cleaning, and then again on Tuesday, it seems like we got the majority of the stink off of her. I think the rug was our only casualty - minus the nasty scratches Cabela gave me from trying to hold her down on Tuesday night.

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