Sorry it has been so long since the last post. I have been trying to keep my head above water as I finish up my college career. I am in the process of writing my senior thesis. At the moment the paper is 2 chapters and 24 pages long (single spaced). Today I am working on chapter 3. I originally planned on writing 6 chapters but realized I was a little over zealous and crammed it into 3. The capstone class I am writing this for is Bible & popular culture. The paper is interesting, it just takes a lot of brain power. I chose to write mine on Bible and secular music (and the conversation they have with each other). Other people in my class chose to write about Harry Potter, exorcism and demon movies, etc. Like I said, it's interesting, just tough.

So here is a quick update of what has happened the past couple of weeks:

About 3 weeks ago my mom came for a visit. We got some quality time to catch up, do some shopping, and she helped me clean up my house a little bit. It was also around Brenton's birthday so we went out to dinner to celebrate.

The next weekend my dad came for a visit. On Saturday morning I took him to Kosama with me and we did kickboxing. At the end we were both dripping sweat but he said he enjoyed it! We had lots of great conversation and laughs.

The same weekend my dad was here we had another fiasco with Cablea. She has had a bad habit of taking off when we let her outside. The fact that we live in the country on 40 acres gives her too much room to run. She ran away at around 5:30 Saturday night and my dad, Brenton, and I were outside looking for her for almost an hour. I had gone inside thinking I should stay close to the house incase she comes back and none of us were there. I said a quick prayer, stepped back outside, and she came flying around the corner... completely covered in blood. My heart sunk. I seriously think I just stood there and stared at her for a couple of seconds. Brenton came running because he is the one that found her and pinned her on the deck. We quickly tried to find out where she was bleeding when we saw the dripping coming from her ear. Their ears are extremely vascular so they bleed a ton! Brenton said that when she finally heard him calling, she came running. But when she came to the barbed wire fence, she tried to jump it and landed on top of it. Somehow it managed to only cut her ear. So back into the tub we went and Brenton tried to stop the bleeding. It took us (what felt like) forever to get the bleeding to stop. We would think it was done, let her out of the tub, and she would shake her head. The blood would then splatter everywhere. By the time we got everything under control, it looked like someone had been shot in our bathroom because there was blood splatter everywhere you looked... walls, behind the toilet, sink, my face, Brenton's face, it was insane. My dad said he could tell that this wasn't our first rodeo.

The other big news that has happened in these past couple of weeks is that we got an accepted offer on a house. What we thought was going to be an easy back and forth offer turned into a multiple offer situation within 24 hours. This house had been on the market for almost a year and just now people were interested. After praying nonstop for about 2 days, our offer got accepted at list price. We have had an inspection done and are now in the process of negotiating a final price. The house has some foundational issues but none that are immediate dangers. It has the potential to be our dream home (or dream build site) so we are pretty excited. If all else goes as planned, we close on May 31st.

So there is a quick and dirty update on our life these past couple of weeks :) the shenanigans never end!

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