DIY Cake Stands

For the last couple of months I have had my eye out for cute cake stands. You can find them anywhere but I'm not one to pay $40 for something I can only use every once and a while. I almost bought one at TJMaxx about a month ago for $15 but I still couldn't bring myself to do it.

So yesterday when I was killing some time with some friends, we went to the dollar store. I picked up 3 white plates and 3 different glasses (one beer mug and 2 wine glasses). When I got home, I assembled my own cake stands...

I started by painting the inside of all the glasses with white paint. I used what I had at my house, I think anything would work.

After they had dried (for the most part - because who has that kind of patients) I hot glued and superglued the bottom of the plate to the BOTTOM of the cup. You have more surface area for glue if you glue the bottom.

And that was it... simple and only cost $2 a piece. I plan on making more in different colors.

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