Even before Brenton and I were married, we both had a desire to someday adopt a child. For some reason this has held a special place in my heart. I have always desired to be a mom and if God blesses us enough financially to adopt, I just don't understand why we wouldn't. We know quite a few people who have adopted internationally - like Brenton's family and a lot of people I work with - and have been told that the process can take quite a while. While we were on vacation I read the book Out Live Your Life by Max Lucado and he shared this in his book.... if every Christian adopted 1 child, we would be able to house every orphan!

Well with graduation almost here and us being ready to start this family chapter, we decided it might be a good time to look into it (especially if it could take 3-5 years). Holy cow was I discouraged with the initial information. We are only eligible for 1 country at the moment, simply based on age. And I wasn't completely naive about cost because I understand we can raise money and apply for grants but it's still a shocker when you see it all written out. I guess for the moment I have to continue to lift this up in prayer. God's timing is perfect, and when He is ready, He will place this child in our arms.

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