let the packing commence

So, as I mentioned briefly in a previous post, we have an accepted offer on a home. Our closing date got moved up to the 22nd and we have not packed a thing. Oh boy.

This move is actually going to be a little bit funny because of all the things that need to happen. I shouldn't complain because it is a huge blessing, but we are inheriting the majority of the stuff (and clutter) in the home. This is exciting because we just inherited a ton of furniture and farm equipment but at the same token, we basically have to move him out. We then would like to paint, because the whole house is white. Oh, and I forgot to mention, there are no stairs connecting the upstairs to the downstairs. One would have to walk around the house and use the back door in order to get downstairs. So somewhere in our loosely prioritized to-do list, we need to put stairs in. Nevertheless, I am excited to be moving into our very first (owned) home. 

Stay tuned for pictures once we actually move :)

oh, and by the way... I GRADUATED COLLEGE!

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