We Moved - Again!

Well... I feel like I have been sleepwalking since we moved. We closed on the Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend and decided it would be a good weekend to move. The 3 days sort of all blended together trying to pack, move, unpack, and decorate in what felt like an endless cycle. But we did it - we are officially homeowners in our first home!

The picture on the right is actually the back of the house. I took that from the driveway and when you drive by on the highway that is what you see. The driveway takes you around the house to the front door.

The picture on the left is our living rom - and my favorite room! We got a new couch (which I absolutely love) and it fills the space really well. Brenton also helped me decorate, mostly by just hanging things when/where I told him to. But... he did come up with the idea above the couch... my little decorator :)

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