life lessons I learned in college

My hubby and I both graduated from Morningside college. Granted, I married a stud who was 2 years older than I am so we didn't get to attend at the same time. Because I attended 3 different colleges in 4 years, I had lots of opportunity for growth with each move. Not only were these 3 different college, but they were also in 3 different states, and I claimed 3 different majors. Any who... here is a list of some lessons I learned in college:

1. WHO I AM & WHAT I BELIEVE. I have met many different people and made many great friends who all challenged me and helped to develop who I am. I got the chance to live a couple different lifestyles and discovered which one truly made my heart happy.

2. IT'S OK TO BE UNSURE. First came cardiovascular rehab, then came special education. Next was youth ministry, and last was graphic design. These were all different degrees I had claimed throughout my college career. I learned that it is ok to be unsure about some things in life, because eventually you will figure it out. All of the classes in each and every field helped me to figure out what what I really wanted to do.

3. GOD IS FAITHFUL. I took a huge leap of faith in between Winona State and USF. Financially I dropped everything and hoped that it would land in the right place... and it did. God wanted me to make my way to SD and IA and He provided the way.

4. IT'S GOOD TO TRY NEW THINGS. I was required to fulfill an art requirement when I got to Morningside (and took a drawing class with all freshman....). Turns out, I'm better than I thought I was, and I actually really enjoyed the class. It's good to try new things.

5. MAKE NEW FRIENDS, BUT KEEP THE OLD. Ok so this one may have come from Girl Scouts but still so true. Throughout all of my moves, I have definitely realized who my good friends are and which ones will be with me for life. I have also had the chance to meet so many people, and that is what makes life interesting!

6. MY PERSONALITY. I have learned (and been told point blank by some people) that I have a fairly maternal personality. Especially when I got to Morningside, I realized this about myself when new people would approached me and the questions they asked. I have always placed myself in the role of care taker or maybe voice of reason.... I guess I'm still learning.

7. HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. I am familiar with the feeling of homesickness. I also know what a divided family feels like. I have learned, and still very much believe, that home is where the heart is and that I have multiple homes.

8. DON'T BE CLOSED-MINDED, BUT TAKE EVERYTHING WITH A GRIAN OF SALT. I learned this after having a quack for a teacher. I found myself getting frustrated with what she was attempting to teach us as true, and was pretty much ignoring her when she talked. Part way through the semester I started listening (not agreeing) but it helped me to better understand myself and why I believe what I believe.

9. LIFE GOES BY FAST. Well, I'm 22, done with college, married, and in my own home with my own dog. Seems like just yesterday I was a dork of a high schooler only worried about what people thought of me. A daily battle worth fighting is slowing down and enjoying every step, day, year, and moment.

10. I'LL NEVER STOP LEARNING. Learning about life, love, design, scripture, finances, and work. I learn something new everyday... or at least that's my goal. And from the words of my brother, "you learn just as much from life experiences as you do from school."

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