Evolution of the Blog

I guess you could say that my blog is sort of my design playground. It is the one place I have totally freedom of how and when I change the style. I have struggled to come up with a name for my blog. Everything I liked or thought was original was proved not so original with a google search.

I started with "Blog of a Feuchtenberger" (1)
This one is rather obvious and simple. Our last name is a mouthful and somewhat comical so I figured, why not play off of that. After sticking with this name for a while, I decided I wanted something more general.

Next was "This Unexpected Love of Ours" (2 &3)
This one took a lot of time and consideration. I also spent a lot of time in the thesaurus. I picked the word "unexpected" because that is truly our love story. We both had decided with God (individually) we were done trying to date people and make relationships work. Soon after, we met each other, unexpectedly.

Then it transitioned into "This LOVE of Ours" (4 & 5)
This happened mostly because I was getting bored of having to design with the word "unexpected". I also had designed something at work with the same typographic style. I gave it a shot with my blog and liked it.

I gave this title one more chance with a completely new design. Something random and solely graphic - arrows. (6)

The newest (and what I hope to be final) brand for my blog is now "Berger & Company". (7)
This also was decided after a lot of consideration and thought. I wanted something clever, vintage, and personal. Brenton's nick name in high school and college was Burger. I changed the spelling to match our last name and added "company". I liked that the word "company" can represent not only our growing family but also our friends and extended family. I also think that the word "company" fits perfectly (meaning: a number of individuals assembled or associated together; a group of people, a guest or guests, an assemblage of persons for social purposes, companionship; fellowship; association: one's usual companions).

Hopefully this one is a keeper!







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