old yellow chair

For those of you that visited us when we had recently finished our kitchen, you would know that this yellow chair was not the one that stood in the corner of our kitchen. We had a multicolored chair with no arms. But we had a casualty while I was in Guatemala. Brenton decided to trust Cabela (this is before we had Ruger as well) fenced in the corner of the kitchen. Well, Cabela decided to chew the leg and pull the stuffing out. Thanks, bean.

When we bought the house, the guy left a lot of stuff here for us. One being this old yellow chair. I thought that eventually I would reupholster it and modernize it. I went downstairs the other day to get something and noticed the chair. It actually matches our kitchen really well. Our kitchen is rather eclectic (if you would like to see the finished product - click here) so the vintage style works really well...

... plus the pups seem to like it

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