Changing Seasons

LOVE fall. just love it. The smells, the food, the brisk air. The clothing, the colors, the blankets.

I anticipate the changing season. I long for this time of year and the happiness it brings. My soul honestly just feels happier and I can be completely content sitting at my desk, drinking apple cider and smelling the aroma of my spiced pumpkin pie candle.

It's not that I don't love summer. Beautiful weather, sun kissed skin, and time by water, I'll take it! But there is just something about fall. 

and on the other hand...

I am so excited for fall to arrive every year, but I wear my flip flops and wedges for as long as I can. I try to enjoy the current season until the next one arrives.

It has me thinking.... why can't I look at the seasons of life the same way? What if I could look forward to every changing season of life, the same way I look at summer and fall?

What would it look like to feel the same joy, contentment, and peace everyday in the Lord.

to just LOVE the Lord. His grace, peace, faithfulness. His power, patients, forgiveness.

I could anticipate the changing season. In a good way. I could long for the changes but be content in my current state. My soul could honestly feel happy sitting in His presences. How beautiful would that season be!

So as the colors of the leaves change, so will my state of mind. Bring on the season of patients, waiting, contentment, and peace in the Lord.

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