Friday Night Lights

The last couple of Friday nights have been spent watching Brenton's younger brother, Bennett, play high school football. They have so far been undefeated.. woo hoo!

I had a blast last friday because they played a school only a couple minutes from our house (so it was a short drive for us), along with the fact that we could host a tailgate party for about 10 people. Also, I just got a brand new zoom that goes from 55mm-300mm! Thats a long way! So I got some really cool pictures of Bennett and the team, even though we were sitting in the back of the stands!

We love watching them play. Bennett is flat out amazing. I'm hoping he will do a little interview with me when the season is over because he has quite the story of perseverance and motivation. We love you Benny, keep up the good work!

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