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It's hard, when I look through Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, not to want to change my style. There is always some sort of trend to copy weather it be chevron stripes, crop tops, or hipster glasses. These trends make my question my current fashion choices and I force myself to fit someone else's mold. Let me just tell you, its exhausting to keep up with these ever changing trends. So, I quit.

Instead, I am choosing to define my style. I've seen other people do this on blogs, multiple times, in multiple ways. I figured in an effort to stop the nonsense, I'm going to do it as well. And to be honest, I really don't like some of the current trends.

I would sum up my style as rustic & classic. 

RUSTIC - Because Brenton likes to hunt.... wait.... Because Brenton LOVES to hunt, I choose to style our home accordingly. I enjoy rustic and vintage things, with a mix of cozy and classic. I like to reflect my husbands passions in my own personal way. Therefore, I love to decorate with things like old barn wood, mason jars, stones, and antlers. I'm also sort of a country girl at heart, so I love my boots. Cowboy boots, leather riding boots, muck boots, you name it. I grew up with these things riding horses so I still like to wear them when I can. 

CLASSIC - I love simple things. Nude color heals & a lace top, red lips & a black dress, or a chiffon tank & flats. These combinations are staples in my wardrobe. My favorite color is gray, with a close second being white. I know, I'm really exciting. I guess because I am a graphic designer, I choose to keep things simple and neutral. The majority of my clothing, or at least the ones I reach for the most, are browns, blacks, and grays. This sort of stems from my passion for rustic things. I love earthy tones and nothing too vibrant.

I realize that some of these things may not be in style, but they still bring me joy. God didn't create us all the same, and I thank Him for that. We are all unique, with our own quirks, desires, and styles. My prayer is that I will not let someone else's style or any trend make be feel inadequate or not good enough. I am who I am and I'm stickin' to it.

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