Tornado Warning

This was the weather last night.

Luckily the tornado split and went on both sides of Sioux City. We were in Alta at (what was supposed to be) a football game, but ended up waiting out the storm in an elementary school hallway. First we stood outside and watched the lightning and clouds form. 

(Funny story inserted here... ) 6 of the football coaches were sitting on the tailgate watching the storm and I was standing behind them with Brenton and my mother-in-law. I took out my camera to take pictures of the clouds forming above us. It was dark enough that my automatic flash went off. I can now say I made 6 grown men jump out of their skin, with a camera flash, because they thought it was lighting.... sorry :)

We then moved into a vehicle to wait it out. We were told we should make our way to the elementary school they had opened up for us. The majority of the people there were standing by the door of the school watching the storm. Alta's superintendent came and told everyone they needed to move into the hallway and sit down. At one point the doors were blown open by 60 mph wind and my ears popped! Crazy!

We had been getting updates from our friends Matt and Jill who live 2 min from us, so we were pretty confident our dogs and house were ok. On our drive home we saw lots of down trees and a couple damaged houses. Once we got to Sioux City, it looked undisturbed.. it was insane. The Hinton football game (which is also only a few minutes from our house) was in their 3rd quarter. Brenton said that there was an old Indian myth that claimed because of the 2 rivers that meet in Sioux City, a tornado cannot go through the town, it will always split. Not sure how true this is, but it sure happened last night.

This website [Click Here] has more photos and video of our surrounding towns, who unfortunately experienced damage.

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