Merry Christmas!

Oh wow, another crazy year has passed. It seems like I was just writing last years Christmas letter! We sent out a couple Christmas cards this year but I didn't have time to stuff a letter in there as well. So just like last year, I'm writing one on my blog.

Brenton is still working at Farm Bureau Financial Services and doing very well. He wins trips through the company so we got to go to Jamaica in April and Savannah, GA this summer. We had a blast exploring some new places, meeting new people, and eating ATON of great food. We plan to go to Mexico this coming April for about a week and a half as well. It doesn't get much better than that.

I graduated from Morningside College in May with a major in Religion and a double-minor in graphic design and advertising. I am still working at Sunnybrook Church as the Communication/Design Assistant. I love it there. It's a wonderful environment and I am allowed a lot of creative freedom. I'm currently working about 30 hours a week.

I went to Guatemala on my first mission trip in August with my brother and my dad. I absolutely loved it there and I came home with a totally broken heart for the poor and the needy. We went there to build a home in 3 days and visit the God's Child project school and children's hospital. Between the 16 people that went, we built 3 homes. I hope it works out to go again next year!

These days we are kept busy by our 2 german shorthairs. We have Cabela who is a year and a half and Ruger who is about 6 months. We purposely bought them from different bloodlines so that we could breed them next spring. I have only helped my friend when her dogs go into labor, but this will be my first rodeo with my own dog. Brenton absolutely loves to hunt with these 2. Cabela is a champ in the field and Ruger has lots of potential.

Another exciting thing that happened this year was that we purchased our first home! We bought a farm house with 21 acres. We thought we would enjoy a fixer-upper but it seems like we have one problem after the next. We might not be staying at this house as long as we thought we might, but we are learning a ton as we go!

That's about all the exciting news we have for this year. Hope this letter finds you well and that the peace of Christ dwells within you during the crazy holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

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