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I'm going to vent for a second... bear with me. It is no secret what we recently went through. It is rather quite public. Because a lot of my job revolves around social media and advertising, I have no shortage of exposure. As of late, it seems like everyone I know is getting pregnant. I realize this is probably an annoying complaint, but it's frustrating. God is asking me to be patient, but it feels like no one else has to be. Don't get me wrong, I understand that they are probably as happy as I will be and I'm not trying to take that away!! I am happy for my friends that have recently gotten pregnant or had a baby! It really is a blessing and a miracle. I can't wait to experience it, full term. I'm just saying from the perspective of someone who lost their pregnancy, it feels like a kick in the gut. I'll get off my soap box.

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of my resolutions for this year is to do a year of photos. I'm doing so with Project Life. While browsing pinterest for ideas, I came across a really cute blog.  The post I have linked is "Project Life - without kids". I really like that she mentions that Project Life was not made for kids, but made for me. It's a way to express life and beauty, even if the majority of the time the two subjects are my dogs. It's my life, and because God gave it to me, it's beautiful... right now, in my current circumstance. As hard as it is to be patient for the thing my heart desires most, I have a pretty good life. Why not document for my future kids to look back on some day?! Why the heck not! 

I'm excited to approach this craft as a challenge. Find beauty, every day, in every place. Even the thing that seem mundane are beautiful when captured in a big picture frame of mind.

Its a new challenge, a new year. Life will change this year and exciting things may happen. As frustrating as it is exciting, I have no idea what is going to happen. But with camera/iphone in hand... I plan on capturing the whole thing.

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