Project Life

This whole idea started when my brother-in-law won state champion with his high school football team. My mother-in-law and I wanted to put something together for him for graduation. We have been collecting pictures, newspaper articles, and rosters.

As I was wondering around Michaels one day after work, I came across Project Life (and other knock-offs just like it). I thought this would be a neat way to put Bennett's high school career together in a scrapbook. I jumped on Pinterest and realized that this was actually really popular and people had lots of really cute ideas!

I thought I might jump on this band wagon by making albums from all of our Farm Bureau trips. We went to Jamaica and Savannah, GA last year and will go to Mexico, Florida, and another place (we aren't sure of yet). I have lots of photos and nowhere to put them. After looking at some different inspirations and buying the basic tools for this craft, I decided I would do one for this whole year. I could include my Instagram photos, photos from the trips we plan to take, hopefully some pregnancy stuff (fingers crossed), the dogs, the art I create at work, etc. The possibilities are endless, and thats what I love about this. I used to scrapbook a lot when I was in high school but sort of lost interest. This seems like a fun & fresh way to jump back into it.

I bought a little book for our trips, but I am waiting for my pictures to come from shutterfly. I am excited to get started, mostly because It will give me something to focus on while we are in this waiting period.

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