ETSY - new designs coming soon!

Ok.. so I am excited about this. So excited in fact, I can't seem to focus on anything else. I have been working on some different things to add to the Berger & Co. Etsy shop that is different from what I currently have. I have started to digitize my work while adding photos, watercolors, and textures. I decided to combine all of my, err, skills. It is still hand-lettered art, just scanned in to my computer and edited. No longer will it be original pieces of art, but prints. I will still offer a few designs in originals.. aka some of the watercolor ones.

I am working out kinks, finishing some designs, and researching where to print high quality prints, but hope to have these new (or revamped, because some of them you will recognize) designs posted by friday, along with a little something extra.

Stay tuned, folks!
And thank you for all of your support - I appreciate it more than you know! All of your "shares", "likes", and encouragements has kept me motivated and inspired. THANK YOU x a million.

PS. I post more regular updates, inspirations, and designs on my instagram account. 
Follow me at @mrsfeucht. Who knows, maybe it will pay off some day (*cough* discounts *cough*)

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